FameDollars.com Goes Social

MONTREAL — FameDollars has announced its stepping into the social media sphere to reach its targeted audience.

The company said social media is an avenue for the program and the affiliates to get engaged, foster interaction and get new updates about the sites and the roster of partners within FameDollars.com.

“The social media aspect of this business cannot be ignored and should be incorporated in any type of business especially ours that houses a slew of products,“ said Veevee, public relations and social media manager.

“Done right and with a clear blueprint of its trajectory, it can provide opportunities and open new doors.”

FameDollars has now a total of 42 sites and growing. The company said the expansion of any network needs a solid marketing plan and social media will be of paramount importance of this vision.

For more information, click here or go to the company facebook page here.