Pink Visual's Allison Vivas Gives Adult Industry Retrospective

LOS ANGELES — Pink Visual President Allison Vivas delivered a keynote address to a packed house at XBIZ LA, giving attendees an informative and revealing look into Pink Visual's changing business model and how it has paved the way for sustained growth by focusing on customer satisfaction.

In the early days of Pink Visual, Vivas said the company's main focus was on the webmaster, not the consumer experience. The company started on a path of rapid growth and decided to begin producing its own content.

While sales were still good, Vivas said the company was maturing. At the same time, there were many changes going on such as new billing regulations and updates to 2257 that made the company realize it was an adult Internet company that needed to be flexible.

"We're not immune to liability," Vivas said. "It was a good wake up call for us."

By 2007, company growth began to decline as new issues began to surface such as piracy, tube sites and obscenity prosecutions.

Pink Visual then began to change its strategy by cutting spending, focusing on increased productivity and started looking for ways to generate revenue.

"With the emergence of the iPhone, we saw some new marketing opportunities," she said.

"We decided to embrace technology and came up with the tagline, 'We Innovate, You Masturbate.'"

By 2010, Vivas said, the adult industry was changing. A lot of companies had closed their affiliate programs, .XXX was coming to a head and Cal/OSHA was targeting porn studios.

But she said, there were a lot of positive things happening as well with an increase in piracy lawsuits and more information being shared.

But Vivas said she was focused on finding out what it would take for consumers to purchase adult content again. So she went to a few message boards and found what she was looking for.

She said many consumers complained about the poor treatment they received. They complained about overcharges, sharing credit card information, spamming and scams in general.

One customer wrote, "The porn industry did it to themselves."

It was then that Vivas decided to go on a campaign to offer consumers a better experience, which ultimately led to the company's re-birth.

"We wanted to strive to improve customer satisfaction."

In 2011, Vivas said the company's goal is to treat customers well, know who the company is working with and how they treat customers and to support good causes.

Going forward, Vivas said Pink Visual is focusing on live shows, live cams, a user-friendly virtual experience and its newest website,, an advanced content distribution platform, offering ala carte, per-file pricing, allowing customers to purchase files which are then stored in the server cloud maintained by Pink Visual.

"I'd like for all of us to contribute to this re-birth," she said. "By treating the customer better and by supporting the industry, we will create a truly sustainable adult business model."

The seminar concluded with the moderator, XBIZ's Stephen Yagielowicz, asking Vivas various questions including one about who are the sources of her inspiration. Vivas said she was inspired by Phil from Adam & Eve after being on a panel with him. He had said the company was part of the Better Business Bureau.

"They were so proud of who they were as a company," she said. "We want to provide a positive example."

Vivas said that for any company, the internal corporate structure is very important. She added that the single most important thing she credits for the company's success is time.

"Time that it takes to develop and mature" adding that it also takes time to build a support staff that can help guide the company into the future.

As for Pink Visual, Vivas said the company is not about managing, but about leading.

"It's important for a company to be perceived as a leader," she said.