L.A. City Attorney to Investigate Mandatory Condom Use

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles City Council unanimously voted last Friday to instruct the city attorney to investigate mandatory condom use in porn movies.

The motion, first introduced last December would require production companies to have performers wear condoms in order to receive film permits.

Although state and federal laws already require “barrier protection” to protect sex workers against bodily fluids, government officials admit they don’t have adequate manpower to enforce the rule.

The city attorney has 45 days to make a decision.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), which has been a staunch supporter of mandatory condom use and has filed complaints against adult companies in an effort to shut down productions that don’t comply, applauded the ruling on Monday.

AHF President Michael Weinstein said in a statement, “We commend council member Rosendahl and the entire city council for their unanimous vote in favor of this legal study to explore making adult film permits conditional on the use of condoms in adult films.”

The statement continued, “Under existing California law, condoms are already required in the production of adult films, yet the industry remains convinced it is above the law. This city council action is a step toward better enforcement and oversight to safeguard the health and safety of adult film workers. Tying condom use to adult-film production permits is absolutely the responsible thing to do, protecting adult film industry performers who — under the current system of testing — are routinely asked to risk their lives and health in order to continue working."

The motion came on the heels of the shutdown of the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation (AIM) last December after it was denied a license to operate.

But AIM reopened last Friday as AIM Medical Associates, a private corporation regulated by the California Medical Association and not by the Los Angeles County Health Department.