BrokeAmateurs Files BitTorrent Suit Against 168 Does

DALLAS — The operator of has filed suit against 168 John Doe plaintiffs who are alleged to have traded its video showcasing model Brianna in hardcore scenes.

Steve Hardeman LLC of Georgia,'s operator, filed the suit Monday at U.S. District Court in Dallas through his attorney Evan Stone, who has filed numerous complaints on behalf of adult entertainment clients.

As with most of the porn BitTorrent copyright suits being waged, BrokeAmateurs' suit says the 168 defendants worked in concert to simultaneously reproduce and distribute the movie.

"Once connected, the defendants began coordinating the unlawful copying of plaintiff’s film from each other and from other users participating in the swarm," the suit said. "As the film was copied to the defendants’ computers piece by piece, the copied pieces were then distributed to other users in the swarm seeking pieces of the film they had not yet obtained."

BrokeAmateurs, as the name suggests, captures sex antics of supposedly down-on-their-luck "horny first-timers." The suit seeks to learn the identities of the 168 defendants through their ISPs and serve them.

XBIZ was unable to contact plaintiff Steve Hardeman LLC at post time.