XBIZ.net London Gathering Planned for Feb. 1

LONDON — The sixth edition of the XBIZ.net London Gathering series of business networking events is planned for Feb. 1, almost exactly one year after its debut.

Event organizer Brian Gray of Love Bytes Research said that it is fitting that the event be held in its location of origin, the city of London.

“Whilst considering ideas for something special to commemorate our anniversary, many people are still recovering from the usual overspending during the festive period,” Gray said. “That, and the fact that attendees primarily come along to meet people and forge new business links, reinforces the notion that ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’ Therefore the relaxed surroundings of our normal home are ideal.”

Looking back over the previous 2010 Gatherings, Gray said he is extremely pleased with the progress made.

“The first event was hastily convened very quickly, yet had a good turnout from some of the key players in the U.K. industry,” Gray said. “As more events followed, word certainly began to spread among not only the U.K. industry but fellow executives from the continent.”

One year on, the Gatherings succeed in attracting individuals from across the adult industry spectrum, which was a core objective for Gray, he said.

”The Gatherings need to be inclusive, and open to anyone in the industry. Online retailers don’t operate in a vacuum away from payment providers, performers or producers or adult marketing consultants for example. Yet the different sub-groups are still often isolated, and the sooner we get all groups networking together, it will be a much better place for sure.”

Adult industry professionals can register their interest to attend the Feb. 1 XBIZ.net London Gathering and interact with attendees on a discussion thread only accessible by XBIZ.net members.