Women Sue Tanning Salon for Posting Hidden Cam Photos, Video

GREENSBURG, Pa — Two women are suing a local tanning salon claiming their nude photos and video were posted on a number of voyeuristic porn sites without their knowledge.

According to reports, the women — one of whom was only 15 years old — were photographed naked by a camera hidden in the ceiling of the Sunkissed Tanning and Spa in East Huntingdon.

The names of the hidden cam sites were not disclosed.

In separate but identical complaints, both women, who were longtime customers of the tanning spa, said that the incident happened in 2006 and 2007 but they hadn’t discovered the peeping tom material until the summer of 2010.

The complaint said that after closing and securing the door to a tanning booth, "Unknown and without her knowledge or consent, plaintiff was secretly being filmed through a hole in the ceiling throughout the entire time that she was in the tanning booth including, but not limited to, the period of time that plaintiff was completely disrobed.

"During the month on July 2010, plaintiff, to her horror, discovered that the video of her disrobing, on defendant's premises without her knowledge and consent, was placed and/or uploaded onto numerous pornographic websites, which are free and available to any member of the general public with Internet access.”

The complaint continued, "To her horror, plaintiff discovered not only a video of her disrobing and in a state of nudity on the aforesaid pornographic websites, but also several other videos of numerous women who likewise were nude or in the process of changing their clothing while tanning on defendant's premises."

Both women claim that the owner, Toni Tomei, who is also named in the suit, knew or should have known about the hidden cameras, considering that authorities have investigated similar complaints in the past.

The salon will likely be charged with creation and distribution of child pornography, in addition to video voyeurism and privacy crimes, according to reports.

The women are seeking $50,000 punitive damages for negligence, privacy invasion and outrage.