ASACP Sends Email Fraud Alert

LOS ANGELES — The ASACP has sent out a fraud alert warning after a fake email from was sent to a webmaster in the U.K.

ASACP CEO Joan Irvine said the fraudulent email threatened the webmaster and his hosting company under the pretense of child pornography on his site.

“Thankfully this webmaster contacted ASACP directly to ask us about this,” Irvine said.

“Know that ASACP does not own and never sends such emails to individuals or owners of suspected cp websites. We forward all confirmed reports of suspect CP directly to law enforcement and other international hotlines.”

Tim Henning, ASACP’s vice president of forensic research, found out that is registered under the name Jane Harman, the same name of a U.S. Congresswomen, registered with Dynadot in Sept. 2010 and is hosted by Silicon Valley Web Hosting.

Since the information that leads to the identity of the real owner is protected by and within their billing records and server logs, ASACP is working with the FBI and the Internet Crime Complaint Center or, to help in their investigation to track down the suspect.

The ASACP has also provided the results of its investigation and the IC3 case number to Jane Harman’s California and Washington staff and is working with the registrar and hosting company for to assist them with their own internal investigations.

ASACP’s hosting company has also been contacted to place a referrer block on All referred traffic from is now redirected to a forbidden page instead of

The ASACP is asking anyone with information to contact