Lightspeed Media Expands BitTorrent Suit to 1,000

CHICAGO — Lightspeed Media Corp. last week expanded BitTorrent litigation efforts over poached online content.

The Phoenix-based company added 900 more John Doe defendants to a lawsuit filed in September that named 100 BitTorrent downloaders.

Lightspeed Media, in an amended complaint filed at U.S. District Court in Chicago, targeted the additional 900 over a one month period, from Nov. 5-Dec. 5.

The first wave of defendants allegedly downloaded Lightspeed Media website content that included JordanCapri and Tawnee Stone. The latest wave downloaded that material, as well content from Lightspeed Media's Taylor Little site.

The suit continues to seek the identities of the defendants through their Internet service providers. The John Does have IP addresses from all across the U.S., from Tennessee to Hawaii to Florida.

Steve Lightspeed did not immediately respond to XBIZ for comment on the suit's expansion.