Twitter Site Gets Facelift

SAN FRANCISCO — For the first time in its four-year history, Twitter has redesigned its website to draw more users and get them to stay longer.

The new look also is a way for the social networking site to stay competitive for advertising dollars among fierce rivals such as Google and Facebook.

The redesign, which will roll out to the site’s 160 million users in the next few weeks, is intended to make the site easier and faster to use and serve up more relevant content to users, according to Twitter executives.

The changes would allow users to get “more out of Twitter in a lot less time,” Twitter CEO Evan Williams said.

Users of the redesigned site will be able to see more information about the authors of Tweets — the Twitter messages that can be no more than 140 characters in length.

Also, conversations between users will be able to be viewed, as will photos and videos referenced in updates. >p> One of the biggest changes to the Twitter site is that users will be able to see two panes instead of a single timeline of updates.

They will be able to scroll through the timeline in the left pane without clicking back and forth to see more information about updates or their authors.

Twitter executives said deals had been crafted with 16 photo and video sites including YouTube and Flickr to have their visual content embedded on

Flush with venture capital funding that valued the 250-employee company at $1 billion, top executives have been focusing their efforts on making the Twitter experience simpler and better.