Manwin Takes Over EuroRevenue

LUXEMBOURG — The Manwin Group of Companies revealed Monday that it has acquired EuroRevenue, which in late July announced it would cease operations.

Known for its hardcore content, EuroRevenue has a variety of niche sites that include everything from teen-oriented fare to gangbang and bukkake porn. The nine-year-old company operates online and in the mobile space.

"All payouts to affiliates will continue, even beyond the month of August, and will be handled by previous owners during the transition period," a Manwin rep told XBIZ. "Manwin is scheduled to take over all operations at the end of September."

Huda Mahdi, EuroRevenue's executive manager, will remain on board indefinitely, Manwin said. "He has been an integral part of developing EuroRevenue and instrumental in expanding the brand," Manwin said.

“This move marks a new era for us,” Mahdi said. “Reopening this program under the Manwin banner means we can retain our valued business partnerships, while benefiting from the organization’s visionary business model.”