Skyfire Submits iPhone Flash-streaming Browser to App Store

CYBERSPACE — Mobile-browser builder Skyfire today submitted a solution for streaming Flash video onto the iPhone to Apple’s App Store.

To avoid breaking any of Apple’s restrictions against third-party browsers, Skyfire will transcode the Flash video into HTML5 before pushing content onto an iPhone. The app also will compress video data by up to 75 percent, CNET reports.

In a press release Skyfire said it is confident that its browser alternative will penetrate the App Store, having worked closely with Apple’s guidelines for HTML5 on iOS, and even reaching out to Apple for feedback

In April, Skyfire introduced a similar modeled app for Android, which features a video playback button to stream online videos through Skyfire’s servers.

In the Android version, Skyfire's servers adjust video resolution to performance factors like a phone's screen size and network speed in order to provide smoother streaming.

Reviews on the Android version note a few downfalls, including an inability to detect every video in a playlist, occasional crashes of browser tabs and not addressing Flash games or other interactive sites.