Sportsheets Announces Limited Lifetime Warranty

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — After 20 years of producing restraint, fantasy and sexual positioning products, Sportsheets International is offering a Limited Lifetime Warranty on its products.

“Internally, we’ve always operated under this policy so there’s not much to change,” Sportsheets owner Tom Stewart said. “What the Limited Lifetime Warranty really does is convey confidence to the retail salesperson and the consumer that buying a Sportsheets product can be the difference between one night of flimsy fun and years of excitement and adventure. We can offer this Limited Lifetime Warranty across our range of Sportsheets products because we still manufacture 90 percent of the line here in Orange County, Calif.”

In the event of a defective product, Sportsheets will repair or repklace any properly registered UPC/ Proof of Purchase-accompanied item at no cost, other than initial shipping.

“In this Wal-Mart world that we live in today, we almost expect any product that we buy to break,” Sportsheets Vice President Julie Stewart said. “Then we throw it away and – maybe — buy another one. People today, just like 20 years ago when we started, want value for their money. I think that people are fed up with getting ripped off with cheap products that may look like the real thing, but aren’t. Sportsheets products are the real thing and we’re willing to stand behind that with this warranty.”

Products covered by the Limited Lifetime Warranty will be identifiable by a gold seal logo prominently featured on the front of each item’s packaging. According to the company, while other manufacturers have moved on from manufacturing products in the U.S., Sportsheets remains dedicated to its U.S. operations.

“To say that care and commitment goes into every stitch is not an understatement,” Stewart said. “Quality is the No. 1 reason that Sportsheets is thriving while others have gone by the wayside.”

Adhering to stringent quality standards while competing in an ever-increasing “low-price leader” market has its challenges, the company said.

“It’s not like we haven’t tried going to China to lower our manufacturing costs,” Sportsheets Marketing Director Todd Carter said, “but ultimately we couldn’t afford to outsource our quality control or gamble with our foundation, our customers expect and deserve only the best.”

New product owners can, click on the Product Warranty link and enter their information to register for a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Those who do not register their product online can retain the box flap with the item’s black-and-white UPC bar code.