GameLink Streaming 'Paris Hilton Sex Tape' for Apple Devices

BARCELONA, Spain — Private Media’s VOD provider GameLink announced today that the “Paris Hilton Sex Tape” will be available for streaming to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, as well as downloading to iTunes as of July 1.

The content, licensed from XPays, will also be offered on VOD and PPM.

“We are very pleased to bring our customers and affiliates the 'Paris Hilton Sex Tape' on VOD. This title has been one of the best selling DVD titles of all time on and we still move a lot of units each month. We are very pleased with the initial response we are getting from our customers,” said Jeff Dillon, Private Media Group’s director of online sales.

He added, “I am pretty sure that after Paris Hilton sees the Paris Hilton Sex Tape in our library she will finally accept my offer to take her out on a date.”

The company said that years after the tape arrived onto the scene it continues to remain the all-time best seller on GameLink.

“This title proves to be a staple in the adult industry and will go down in history as a movie that created an entire niche. GameLink is proud to provide top quality movies, service and technology to consumers around the world. Along with the 'Paris Hilton Sex Tape' look for other celebrity sex tapes in the GameLink library available in DVD, WMPS, WMPD and DIVX formats," the company said.