Indonesian Celebrity Sex Tapes Spark Controversy

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Indonesian pop star Nazril Ariel and seven other suspects are being charged in a celebrity sex video scandal that has incensed the mostly Muslim nation and sparked a call for Internet control of porn.

According to reports, Ariel surrendered to police June 22 over two homemade sex videos of himself with two models and TV personalities — Luna Maya and Cut Tari — who allegedly appear in the videos.

The other suspects were not named, nor were Maya and Tari.

Ariel, a singer with local pop band Peterpan, has already been charged with breaches of the Indonesian anti-pornography law and remains in police custody awaiting trial.

Chief detective Ito Sumardi said the eight suspects had uploaded the two explicit videos to the Internet that created a national scandal.

"They'll be charged under the electronic information and transactions law for an illegal distribution," Sumardi said.

Each suspect could face up to six years in jail and a fine of a $100,000.

"The investigation is ongoing. There may have been others," Sumardi added.