Website: Women Cheating More Than Ever Before

NEW YORK — According to real-time statistics from micro-blogging site CheatConfession, women cheat on their partners more than men — primarily for revenge.

Recent data supplied by the company states that in two consecutive weeks of recent reporting women are in the lead over their male cheating counterparts by an average of 9 percent consistently.

The statistics are tallied on the website as anonymous “cheat confessions.”

Although it may not appear to be a tremendous gap, the female spike is significant because adultery and cheating have traditionally been considered a male dominated pastime for decades.

“What's more significant than women picking up men's adulterous sexual behaviors is the reason behind women cheating on their men. One could easily point to financial independence, more female autonomy, and more of a feeling of sexual entitlement among women,” the company said.

But the company maintained that after sampling and analyzing female and male "cheat confession" posts and the reasons given for these sexual indiscretions, the findings indicate there is a strong pattern of women and girls using cheating as a passive-aggressive way of getting back at a partner who takes them for granted, mistreats them, or worse, is abusive towards them.

Other reasons women seem to be cheating include seeking emotional validation or sexual fulfillment lacking in their relationships.

“Whereas men generally, according to the site's majority of ‘cheat confession’ posts, cheat for sexual gratification and out of a physical urge or compulsion, women are cheating in record numbers for more emotional reasons,” the company reported.

CheatConfession also includes a letters section where users can post an open letter to someone they have cheated on, a letter to someone who has cheated on them, or a letter to someone whose relationship or marriage they took part in breaking up.

All letters are written and addressed to single name aliases only. Last names are not allowed on the site to preserve the privacy of all involved parties.

The company said the site is moderated by a staff of editors to assure anonymity.

"We started because of all of the celebrity cheating scandals making news. We figured it was a popular topic and there must be millions of other people involved in cheating scenarios who need a place to vent," CheatConfession's founder said.