Day 2 Heats Up With Seminars, Networking in the Sun

LAS VEGAS — Day two of XBIZ Summer Forum kicked off with an ecstatic session of XBIZ’s speed-networking; attendees then were faced with the choice of enlightening seminars or priceless poolside networking.

The crowd-pleasing round of rapid-fire networking was sponsored by Adult Webmaster Empire and was attended by sales reps, executives and business owners from all sectors of the adult industry.

AWEmpire’s Douglas Richter told XBIZ that Speed Networking allows the opportunity to touch base with existing partners as well as meet potential new ones.

“I am a big fan of the 30-45 seconds with each rep; as it allows one to efficiently distill which are the partners with whom more detailed conversations are necessary,” he said. “Congruently it offers a chance for reps to sit down with and quickly reconnect face to face with existing partners and hear from some sectors of the industry you might not normally think about.”

Cort St. George said that the XBIZ Summer Forum was the first adult industry B2B show he’s been to in more than six years, and he was pleased with the show’s schedule.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” he said, “it’s been six years, but I liked it. I got to tell a captive audience about my company, Context X, and its mission to track down content violators.”

Even novelty manufacturers got in on the event. Jim Efthimiou, founder and CEO of Breathe Aeror, attended to spread the word about RavisSecret, a sex enhancement item that sets the mood with tantric breathing.

“It’s making tantra tangible for the masses,” Efthimiou said, explaining that the breathing device can also be marketed to athletes and anyone with stress that can be relieved through breathing, and as far as sex is concerned, men can improve sexual drive and erection with a stronger blood blow – which proper circulation through synchronized breathing among couples can improve, he said.

Immediately following Speed Networking, XBIZ Summer Forum attendees had the choice between the Dickmans Design Workshop and a seminar featuring luminaries discussing opensource software.

Attendees seeking fun in the sun visited the cabanas set up surrounding the Dish Pool.

“It’s a good atmosphere, great cabana,” DateCamCash’s Mike said. “There’s plenty of good foot traffic.”

eMerchantPay, a major sponsor of the XBIZ Summer Forum, was showcased through prominent banners and a poolside cabana where attendees mingled.

“It’s been a great show so far,” Isabel of eMerchantPay said. “It gets very busy in the afternoon.”

While some XSF attendees linked up poolside, others attended the DatingGold sponsored lunch at the Ago restaurant.

“Everyone spread out during lunch,” DatingGold’s AK said, “but they showed up for Ago. It’s good to offer a good function where everyone can connect.”

Coinciding with the poolside cabana action, XSF attendees were treated to Happy Hour courtesy of CECash.

“The cocktail hour provided a great opportunity to make deals in a relaxed environment,” VideoSecrets’ Tim “The Hand” Siner said.

The special event’s sponsors, CECash, concurred.

“I’m thrilled with the whole show,” CECash’s Adam said. “The turnout is great. CECash is always happy to support the industry and adult community.”

As dusk set in, attendees grouped to make plans for dinner before D-Money's The Player's Ball set for later in the evening.