PornStarGlobal Announces 2010 5 Star Award Winner

SEATTLE — Adult performer database PornStarGlobal announces Sunny Leone as the 2010 5 Star Award winner.

As an extension of its core site, 5 Star Awards was created by PornStarGlobal out of pure frustration due to honest and hard working adult entertainers not getting the proper notoriety they deserve.

"Most of the awards that are currently being handed out are simply reflections of whose camp can dish out the most money for advertisement, and we feel there is something horribly flawed with that practice,” PornStarGlobal said. “The 5 Star Award concept parallels more of a grass roots way of thinking by boasting an honorable, accurate and untainted voting process".

The objective of the 5 Star Award voting process is to add ease and simplicity to a basic ballot style online form.

Fans can vote for their favorite stars by filling out three short fields. Each vote is then carefully processed, calculated and stored for the entire year.

Voting for the 5 Star Awards is open all year long and a winner is announced at the end of the year.

A 5 Star Award winner will have the rights to an image based front and center on the homepage of for the entire year following the win.

Jenna Haze took the prize in 2009.

Voting is now open for the 2011 5 Star Awards.