John Jacobs Acquires Drake Rock Media

LOS ANGELES — Company videographer John Jacobs has completed his acquisition of gay content producer Drake Rock Media.

"I have been directing and filming for the Drake Rock Media since the beginning," Jacobs said. "This acquisition allows creative control over all aspects of the company, from booking and directly interacting with the talent, to editing and marketing the final product."

Since purchasing the company, Jacobs has decided to forgo production on softcore content in order to focus exclusively on hardcore. He also consolidated three websites —, RockHardJocks and — into the website.

Other changes include the conversion of in-line galleries to a user-friendly light box concept, providing unlimited DRM-free downloadable and streaming videos, and implementing the ability for users to comment.

"In the beginning I manhandled the guys on-camera so the site offered more than solos," said Jacobs. "I had no intention of it continuing, but the ‘John’ character has become a cornerstone of the site that differentiates from others. Since Drake Rock is a strong brand name, during daily operations I will assume the moniker of Drake Rock, and on-camera I will continue to play the role of ‘John.’” specializes in all kinds of gay sex including interactive, oral and solo videos from amateurs to seasoned gay porn stars.