Australia’s ClubX Adult Retail Chain Carrying ToiBocks

VICTORIA, Australia — Australian adult retail chain ClubX is now offering discreet storage solution ToiBocks.

I’ve selected ToiBocks to become an important part of our Christmas sales drive for a number of reasons,” said Glenn Hill, ClubX retail development manager. “Firstly, they are a stylish item which would not look out of place on any bedside table in Australian homes. Secondly, with restrictions on what type of product adult stores can promote through external advertising mediums, the ToiBocks is an item that will be readily acceptable for advertising agents to assist us in gaining maximum exposure. Thirdly, the versatility of the ToiBocks allows us to put a ‘cheeky’ spin on our sales pitch whilst remaining within advertising guidelines.”

Hill said ToiBocks’ secret compartment is what sets it apart from other storage components and is a great selling point. The secret compartment can be used to store adult toys and novelties, which allows the store’s staff to interact with customers and offer add-ons.

“We are very excited to be so well received in Australia,” ToiBocks Inc. President Dawn Tulman said. “We are looking forward to providing consumers with discreet storage options in many other countries as well.”

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