Marie Claire Interviews Stormy Daniels

NEW YORK — Potential Louisiana senate candidate and Wicked Pictures contract star Stormy Daniels is interviewed on about her political ideals and aspirations.

Daniels is still only considering to run for the senate seat currently occupied by incumbent Republican David Vitter whose been linked to the “D.C Madam,” Deborah Jeane Palfrey. She’s conducted two listening tours of the state and had formed an exploratory committee to research her run before she officially declares her candidacy.

Daniels explained the movement, started by fans “that figured I would be perfect because I am open and honest about my sexuality, unlike Vitter. I realized that this is my chance to make a difference, to do something unselfish, noble, and to help a lot of people.”

While Daniels admits she’s not as qualified as Vitter, she’s always refused to speak on Vitter’s sexual exploits, instead pointing out the hypocrisy of a man who preaches Christian values and is then ensnared in a prostitution sting.

But won’t her occupation as a porn star scare off voters?

“[Doing porn is] actually starting to work in my favor — I have nothing to hide,” Daniels told “A sex tape of me isn't going to pop up and shame me; there are 150 of them at the video store.”

In the interview, Daniels highlights the economy as the toughest issue facing Louisiana. Her goal would be to “create jobs, rebuild the Gulf Coast and make health care affordable.”

Daniels hasn’t designated a political party affiliation yet, saying she “swings both ways” but is leaning towards the Libertarian Party.

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