FriendFinder Re-invents API for White Label

BOCA RATON, Fla. — FriendFinder Networks has developed a new API that gives webmasters more control over their white label than ever before.

Company President Rob Brackett told XBIZ that this API is the next generation of white label solutions, making integrating a Cams product into an existing platform easier without the additional programming and design work typically needed for a cams site.

“It’s a way to get those who already have a revenue stream from existing users to sell them something more without them having to go through the overhead of managing the different aspects of a cams product,” Brackett said.

FriendFinder has integrated both MPA3 and NATS to track sales and performance and the API has been thoroughly tested with with great results, he said.

The new API allows webmasters to track sales through FNN’s program and pass commissions onto their affiliates easily, while offering access to a cams site without creating an additional barrier between the customer and the sale.

“If you’ve got a user and you’ve got his credit card info, you can just say, ‘Click here for cams products’ and then you can bill the user with his credit card,” Brackett said. “[Webmasters] will be able to bill those users without having to send [them] into our system, without having to pull out their credit card again.”

This platform makes it possible for webmasters to incorporate Cams essentially as a one-click upsell and promote it however they see fit. FriendFinder tracks the number of minutes users spend and bills the program owner accordingly at the end of the month.

“If the program owner wanted to, he could give away the product as a free upsell, but he’d have to get billed for the minutes used on the backend,” Brackett said. “So it actually gives program owners more control than they can ask for. We don’t qualify that users are actually putting in their credit card. Program owners get usage and the ability to access the system, and we bill them for it.”

Brackett said there is some programming that the webmaster will need to complete before being able to fully integrate the API. He assures it only involves creating a couple of new web pages — one page to list the models and another to show each model’s free chat — and feedback from testers has been positive.

“[Webmasters] love to white label, but there was no way to pay their affiliates for that traffic, so we went to our technology team and they solved the problem,” Brackett said. “With full API integration, the sky is the limit in terms of what you can do from a look and feel perspective.”

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