Naked News Gets Plugs on ‘The Jay Leno Show,’ ‘Today’

BURBANK, Calif. — You can’t buy publicity like this.

Naked News, which markets numerous versions of its brand of nude journalism, got a big plug last night on “The Jay Leno Show” when he remarked about NBC’s “Today” show co-anchor Meredith Viera. The skit was repeated today on the “Today” show.

“I’ve known Meredith a long time,” said Leno said, who joked about how the “Today” anchors have been paying tribute to the mentors who shaped their careers.

As a clip of Vieira’s early days in TV began to play, Leno remarked “But I did not know this.”

Then a doctored clip from Naked News appeared, showing a very blurry image of Meredith supposedly naked.

David Warga, who is president of Naked News parent company Egalaxy Multimedia Inc., told XBIZ that it was an excellent opportunity for Naked News.

“We appreciate the producers exposing our brand, Naked News, for the show,” Warga said. “We think it’s funny — even avant garde — and that’s why we let them use it.

“But it’s not the first time they’ve used our brand on his show. We let them use it for ‘The Tonight Show’ as well, when Jay was on that show.”