Facebook Boots Adult Model Anissa Holmes

TORONTO— Facebook has 86’d solo-girl model Anissa Holmes, telling her she violated its terms and conditions and that "nudity and sexually explicit content is not allowed" on the site.

The decision to ax Holmes’ Facebook page is significant because the social network is home to many adult entertainers who use it as a self-promotion tool.

Holmes was Playboy’s Miss December 2007 and operates AnissaHolmes.com, her official fan site that offers live video chat.

A Facebook representative wrote to Holmes in an email last month, one day after her personal profile and fan page were deactivated, to tell her that she would be booted off.

"[W]e do not allow users to send messages that are sexually suggestive, or that other users may find harassing in nature,” the Facebook rep said. “We will not be able to reactivate your account for any reason. This decision is final."

The social-networking site also has refused to grant access to about 300 of images she had on her Facebook page. Holmes had more than 3,000 friends on her personal profile page, and 8,400 people had signed up to her fan page.

"Unfortunately, for safety and security reasons, we cannot delete from our servers information associated with disabled accounts," the Facebook rep wrote. “We also cannot grant you access to a disabled account to retrieve content from it, nor can we provide you with any content that was associated with this account."

Holmes, who said nude pics were never on her personal profile or fan page, noted there were some that featured her in bikinis or lingerie.

Since the pulldown, she’s created a new personal page under a new email account.

Holmes said that if Facebook had problems with pictures she posted, site administrators could have at least asked her to remove them.

"Had it been a picture that they didn't like, or that somebody had reported, at least tell me because I would remove that picture instantly, no questions asked," she said.