Bangladesh to Ban 84 Online Adult Websites

DHAKA, Bangladesh — Government officials here have signed off on a request to block 84 websites with content depicting Bangladeshi citizens it considers obscene.

The request, brought on by a police investigation, had identified the websites carrying video clips of Bangladeshi men and women or doctored pictures falsely depicting well-known Bangladeshi celebrities in obscene poses.

Directed to the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, the request said many people in the country had been "socially defamed" by the vulgar content, which were contrary to the social values of the country. Personal relationships had been compromised by the sites, the request noted.

All of the sites, police said, were of online adult sites streaming from abroad and immune from prosecution under Sections 292 and 293 of the Bangladesh Constitution, which provides punishment for obscene publication in print, broadcast or the web.

"The contents of these websites are basically on Bangladeshi girls and women. These sites are hosted and maintained from abroad," said Nazrul Islam, who is the nation’s assistant inspector general.

The Southeast Asian country, the seventh most-populated country in the world and predominantly a Muslim country, is bordered by India on all sides except for a small border with Myanmar.