Levi Johnston Accepts Playgirl Offer to Pose

NEW YORK — Burgeoning gay icon Levi Johnston has decided to accept an offer to pose for Playgirl — the only catch is that he won’t be fully nude.

Gawker.com reported today that an agreement has been reached for Johnston to pose in his skivvies for Playgirl.com and the final details currently are being hammered out.

What started as a joke between Johnston and his manager during a photo shoot for Vanity Fair is now actually going to happen. After reading about Johnston’s willingness to pose nude, Playgirl photo coordinator Daniel Nardicio got in contact with Johnston’s manager, Tank Jones who passed along the message to his client’s lawyer.

"There are people out there that want to see such a shoot of Levi and we are ready to do it if the proposal is right," his lawyer Rex Butler wrote.

Perhaps unaware that Playgirl is targeted at a gay male audience, Johnston said, "I'm assuming it's where a dude poses for women." Johnston, the father of former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s grandson, first started attracting gay fans en masse after he attended FOX’s Teen Choice Awards with comedienne Kathy Griffin who has a huge gay following.

Since that appearance, and after he’s stated publicly that he’d be willing to pose nude, Johnston has received a few offers: StraightCollegeMen.com offered him $25,000 for a solo masturbation scene and Unzipped magazine proffered a cover story and nude photo layout.

Playgirl folded its print publication in November 2008.