Bikini Scandal Teacher Now Shooting Adult

LOS ANGELES — A Florida biology teacher who gained national attention for her side job as a bikini model is now turning up in adult movies.

Tiffany Shepherd, 31, was a biology teacher at Port St. Lucie High School until word broke of her other job as a "bikini mate" for a company that chartered fishing cruises. The revelation put Shepherd on the news and cost her a job.

According to online reports, Sherpherd has been unable to secure a new job since then. She's now performing in adult under the stage name Leah Lust.

“I’m not particularly proud of it. To be honest, I hate it,” Shepherd said. “I’m an educated woman, but I never thought it would come to this. No one gets brought up thinking they’ll be a floozy.”

Shepherd said she sent out more than 2,000 resumes across the country, including some to prisons, all without luck. She's also been evicted from two apartments and lost custody of her children.

“I need money for the appellate court and raise my three kids,” she said. “I’ve tried everything, every avenue. Last year, I refused $10,000 to strip, then I had to pick between paying rent or buying Christmas presents.”

Shepherd, as Lust, can be seen on and

Despite her misgivings about her work in the industry, Shepherd had kind words for her co-workers.

“It’s a very professional,” she said. “Everyone’s tested (for venereal diseases and AIDS) and I’m carrying around my little piece of paper that says I’m fine. They love me because I take care of myself and I don’t run out to party with my money.”