Arpad Miklos Goes 'Straight for Pay' for Jake Cruise

LOS ANGELES — Online studio Jake Cruise Media is touting a web-exclusive vignette featuring popular gay adult performer Arpad Miklos in his first "straight for pay" sex scene.

The vignette is part of the company's fourth-anniversary celebration and is currently streaming on their pro/am website Straight Guys for Gay Eyes ( ).

"I've always loved to push boundaries and press buttons with my work. And when Arpad suggested he would be interested in doing one straight scene in his career, I knew we had a winning idea," said company principal Jake Cruise.

"Seeing that big, hot, masculine gay man exploring straight sex is hot enough. But the performance that he gave was one of the best we've ever shot in our four years."

Miklos is among gay adult's stalwart performers. He has dozens of films under his belt stretching back to 1995.

The straight-porn scene, his first condomless erotic vignette, was shot opposite blond starlet Holly Heart.

"I need to assure everybody that I am gay, love cock, love hairy men," Miklos said. "I didn't turn straight with this scene. I enjoy sex generally and a girl could bring me pleasure as a guy can. Of course, it was very different. But fun is fun."

Cruise said is straight porn designed for a gay male audience. The footage "focuses on the men's bodies, their facial expressions, the fun they're having while fucking a girl."

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