Webbilling.com Now Fully Updated in NATS4

CYBERSPACE — Webbilling.com is now fully intergrated with TooMuchMedia’s NATS4 administration and tracking software.

“We’ve worked hard with the entire TMM team to make all the Webbilling.com capable for European direct debit in Germany, Spain, U.K., Netherlands and Austria and advanced direct pay for over 40 more countries available through your NATS4 cascade settings,” the company said.

Webbilling offers the capability for immediate access, recurring billing, one-click join and upsells, free and paid trials, cross-sales, escalating security levels, the Webbilling Risk Management System, pay-per-anything, one-time and hard goods sales.

“This latest integration of Webbilling.com into your NATS4 affiliate program software ensures you the ability to access the 75 percent-plus population of potential EU customers who cannot or will not use a credit card online,” the company said. “Real direct debit with no cards of any kind required, and a facilitated user-initiated wire transfer for all the countries where a physical signature is still required for a debit.”

For an information package, contact marketing@webbilling.com.