China Orders Google to Cut All Online Adult Links

BEIJING — Google has been ordered to put a halt allowing "pornographic and vulgar" content from being accessed through its Chinese-language search engine, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

The China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center has told Google to "make immediate changes" and clean up the content available at

Google said it met with government officials to discuss the problem of "pornographic content and material that is harmful to children on the web in China” and that it is taking all necessary steps to fix any problems with our results.

The order came one day after Chinese state television chastised Google and the center denounced it for allowing "foreign Internet pornographic information."

The Chinese government recently ordered all new computers to carry Green Dam filtering software designed to block online adult content from July 1.

China already employs a squadron of censors who identify websites to be blocked and monitor chat rooms for any content deemed inappropriate or subversive.