Sexpo Event at Parliament Draws Attention to Adult Video Ban

PERTH, Western Australia — Sexpo’s organizer wanted to get the consumer show some publicity and also tell the world about a big injustice: The sale of adult DVDs still is outlawed here in Western Australia.

On Tuesday, Penthouse Pet and Sexpo MC Miss Suzie Q and a pole dancer from Eddie Withnell's Voodoo Lounge performed moves adjacent to Western Australia’s Parliament to a large group of onlookers.

Sexpo General Manager Rob Godwin concocted the stunt to help draw attention to the show and also tell Perthians that they need to stand up and tell their government representatives that the sale of adult films should be legalized.

"More than a quarter of Western Australian adults watch adult films but, while it's legal to own and buy adult films and magazines in Western Australia, you can be jailed for selling an adult film from an adult shop to an adult," Godwin said.

"It's crazy, people should be able to celebrate their sexuality and enjoy their sex life without feeling like they are doing something wrong."

Sexpo runs May 21-24 at the Perth Exhibition Convention Centre and is expecting 35,000 customers over those four days.