Mobile Adult Report Sees Market Doubling in 5 Years

LOS ANGELES — A white paper released today says that growth for the mobile adult segment worldwide will catapult to $4.9 billion by 2013 from $2.2 billion in 2008.

The study from is the fifth such study that takes a comprehensive look at adult subscriptions, downloads, video chat and text-based services for the mobile sector.

The study said that Western Europe will remain the largest source of revenue, although its share will fall from 42 percent in 2008 to 32 percent in 2013 due to strong growth in North America (2 percent of revenue in 2008 to 11 percent in 2013). Africa and the Middle East will shoot up from 1 percent in 2008 to 5 percent in 2013.

The results “represent substantial growth in a regulation-constrained market” and focus on key drivers to the market, including increases in mobile Internet adoption and digital distribution, improved handset user interfaces and more favorable telecom attitudes to adult content.

It includes an analysis of billing models and features case studies of portal based adult services, as well as a number of hurdles to deployment and monetization, including service localization and the issue of freely available online adult content.

Titled “Mobile Adult Subscriptions, Downloads, Video Chat and Text-Based Services 2008-2013,” the white paper also includes six-year regional forecasts split by user numbers, levels of usage, average service pricing and total service revenue.

It looks at numerous blue-chip adult and telecom brands, including Beate Uhse AG, Cherrysauce, K-Beech, MP Media, O2, Orange, Penthouse Media Group, Phonebox Entertainment, Swisscom, Vivid Entertainment Group, Vodafone, Voooyeur, Waat Media and Xobia, among others.

The paper also answers some key questions, including:

  • What are the prospects for video chat services on the mobile?
  • In which markets have mobile adult services been most successful thus far?
  • Which players in the mobile adult value chain generate the largest shares of revenue?
  • Who are the leading players in the mobile adult industry?
  • How much are mobile adult services worth in 2008, and how much will they be worth in 2013?
  • Which billing methods and business models are most prevalent in the mobile adult industry?

A sample of the white paper is available here .