Kick Ass Offers YouTube Sensation Susan Boyle $1M to Lose Virginity

GLENDALE, Calif. — Seeking to capitalize on the latest Internet phenomenon, Kick Ass Pictures is offering YouTube singing sensation Susan Boyle $1 million to lose her virginity on camera.

Boyle captured the public zeitgeist this week after a video clip on of her singing on the show “Britain’s Got Talent” catapulted her into the realm of Internet celebrity. The homely looking Boyle, 47, who claims to have never even been kissed, wowed all three judges with her stirring performance.

Just to give you an idea of how popular the viral video’s become, including reproductions of the original clip, it’s been viewed more than 47 million times worldwide — more than Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, Obama’s election night victory speech and the video of the Iraqi reporter throwing his shoes at President Bush.

Sensing a moment of opportunity to ride the wave of Boyle’s newfound Internet celebrity, Kick Ass has stepped in with a generous offer.

“The logical extension of [having never been kissed] is that she’s still a virgin,” said Kick Ass President Mark Kulkis. “We have always wanted to produce a movie in which a bona fide virgin loses her maidenhood on camera. That’s a very personal, intimate moment in a woman’s life. Doing it in front of bright lights and cameras in a San Fernando Valley studio will make it that much more special.”

If Boyle accepts the offer, Kick Ass will fly her to L.A. (on Virgin Airlines) and allow her to choose her potential co-stars, Ron Jeremy being a “perfect match” according to Kulkis. The plan also calls for Boyle to record her own theme song for the movie that will be released as a single.

The $1 million offer is good for one week.

“We want to get this movie shot and out while Susan has the world’s attention,” said Kulkis. “Besides, after 47 years of virginity, I’m sure Susan is also anxious to get something cracking as soon as possible!”