Perfect 10's Zada Sets Up Shop in Germany

LOS ANGELES — Perfect 10 President Norman Zada is going to test the waters in Germany.

After losing a key court case to Google in 2007, the industry professional told XBIZ that he's moving some of his business to Germany, where according to him, the laws favor copyright holders.

"It's so hard for copyright holders to protect their rights in this country," he said. "The Europeans understand."

The 2007 court case decided whether search engine giant Google could use Perfect 10 thumbnails in its results. The court said Google could but that it still holds contributory liability for posting infringing sites in its search results.

Zada said he's not packing up all of his American operations, but he has established a new company in Germany called Holde Elbe GmbH, which will oversee new ventures, such as the modeling site

As of now, simply presents a series of galleries, along with a pair of banner ads leading to Zada added that he plans to launch a German-based dating club website for the Perfect 10 models.

According to Zada, if someone infringes on a copyright in Germany, the legal system can offer a swift result at a reasonable price.

"Our objective is to protect our copyright," he said.

Webmasters interested in promoting Zada's new sites can email him at, though he added a requirement.

"Anyone is welcome to email me, as long as they're not a copyright infringer," he said.