2257Safe.com Set for Beta Testing, Launch at Phoenix Forum

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. — Adult industry promoter Kevin Blatt, attorney Michael Fattorosi of Fattorosi & Associates and Daniel Underhill of Keyframe Multimedia Inc. have partnered to launch third-party record-keeping service 2257Safe.com at the Phoenix Forum in April.

In anticipation of the upcoming launch, 2257Safe.com is currently undergoing beta testing by Y-Tracker and AdultBizLaw.com clients, and is seeking others who are interesting in trying out the new service and providing feedback to its creators.

2257Safe.com, which is a rewritten version of the Y-Tracker program, according to Underhill, will help affiliates, as well as primary and secondary producers, maintain their records by serving as a virtual storage facility for all things 18 U.S.C. § 2257.

"We took the Y-Tracker, a desktop program that has been available since 2005, and completely rewrote it," Underhill told XBIZ. "We've collaborated with Fattorosi to completely rewrite the program. It's now completely web-enabled, so the user will be able to log in to 2257Safe.com from any web browser from anywhere in the world and maintain his or her records on the fly."

Fattorosi added that 2257Safe.com clients would also not have to worry about inspections occurring in front of their friends and neighbors because the address used on the compliance notice will be the address for Fattorosi & Associates; as such, all inspections will occur at the law firm.

"With the change in the regulations governing 2257, third-party record-keepers are now not only allowed, but also seemingly encouraged by the federal government," Fattorosi told XBIZ. "2257Safe.com will give everyone who is afraid of having his or her home address on a compliance notice the ability to remain anonymous."

Upon launch, all records will also be stored and maintained on PCI-DSS compliant servers, which are "the gold standard in the banking and credit card processing industries," according to Fattorosi.

"We want to provide the same level of security to our clients that they would expect from any other service that stores and maintains sensitive personal information," he said, adding that 2257Safe.com will also be fully insured for up to $2 million for errors and omissions, as well as security liability.

Blatt, who agrees that the site's anonymity will definitely "give a lot of affiliates and webmasters peace of mind," cites PCI Compliance as the most attractive feature of 2257Safe.com. Since banks and credit processors have the same level of security, "PCI [compliance] is about as secure as you can get. No one else has factored in PCI Compliance, so this is probably the biggest sales point [of 2257Safe.com]."

Blatt and Underhill added that although the specific price points have not been determined yet, membership would be affordable since the site is geared specifically toward smaller and medium-sized webmasters.

"We've already got a waiting list for the launch," Blatt said. "It's going to be amazing, and we're really excited about it."

Underhill added that, "From what I've seen, I really think that this service will be the granddaddy of all third-party record-keeping services. [2257Safe.com] will be very cutting-edge. I don't think anyone else out there will be able to approach what we're doing. What we're coming out with is going to set the standard."

The service will be formally released at the Phoenix Forum at Tempe Mission Palms on April 2-4.

For more information on 2257Safe.com, visit 2257Safe.com, or contact Blatt at kb@kevinblatt.com, Underhill at support@ytracker.com or Fattorosi at michael@fattlegal.com.