Hustler Europe Taps Media Protector to Fight P2P Piracy

KREFELD — Hustler Europe has sought the services of Media Protector to fight illegal file-sharing.

Media Protector monitors IP addresses worldwide in P2P networks that have been used for filesharing copyright-protected content owned by its clients through its own propriety software known as FileWatch.

The company pursues copyright infringers in order to obtain out-of-court settlements.

“We are working today with a lot of international rights-holders and leading production companies — including Hustler, the world’s largest adult entertainment company — and have detected well over 200,000 copyright infringements in Germany alone,” Media Protector founder and Managing Director Rainer Strassmeir said. “This has contributed to a new awareness in Germany where almost every Internet user knows that illegal downloading of copyright protected materials will not remain secret and undetected.

Strassmeir said that news has spread quickly across the relevant forums and the public has quickly become aware of which adult content producers actively protect their material and which do not.

“Those adult content producers who have garnered a reputation for actively protecting their content have witnessed a corresponding decrease in illegal downloads. This will subsequently lead to an increase of their retail numbers,” Strassmeir said. “Plus, they have enjoyed a new revenue stream by effectively monetizing copyright infringements.”

. “Initially, it may seem like an awkward arrangement and a bit unusual to turn infringements into a consistent revenue stream,” said Helen Clyne, managing director for Hustler Europe. “It was therefore important for us to find a partner who monitors IP data respectfully, professionally and reliably and who is able to work with competent legal counsel in various countries and legal systems to achieve optimal results.”

Frankfurt-based DigiProtect is another company working to recover damages for its clients as a result of illegal file-sharing. The company caused a stir recently when accusations began circulating regarding DigiProtect’s practices. Because DigiProtect clients must sign over the rights to their content to DigiProtect, the company was accused of posting the content on P2P networks to entrap downloaders. Media Protector, on the other hand, does not require the transfer of rights-holders’ rights.