Third World Media Releases 'Japanese Cougars Gone Wild'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — In its new film, “Japanese Cougars Gone Wild,” Third World Media builds a bridge of understanding between America and Japan by featuring Japanese “cougars” who are on the prowl for younger men.

The movie, which was released on DVD Dec. 15, features an all-Japanese cast of women between the ages of 41 and 47, who look exceptionally well for their age, according to Steve Scott, Third World Media president.

“It’s a biological fact that women reach their sexual peak at a later age than men,” Scott said. “When examined in that context, hookups like these — older women with younger men — make sense. The women get the pounding they’re looking for, and the guy works out his Oedipal complex. Everyone’s a winner.”

“Japanese Cougars Gone Wild” also stays true to the goal of Third World Media, which is to maintain the authenticity of its films and not “Americanize” its subjects.

“All the girls are from Japan,” said Wayne Hentai, a spokesman for Third World Media. “They speak Japanese through the whole movie, and the movie was shot in Japan. Third World Media is adamant about authenticity, and most movies are shot overseas. ‘Japanese Cougars Gone Wild’ has Third World Media’s appeal in that respect.”

The DVD features a photo gallery, trailers, websites, cum shot recaps and user-selectable subtitles. Visit for more information.