Ricky Sinz Reclaims Hole and a Heartbeat

CHICAGO — Gay adult performer Ricky Sinz has bought out a former partner in HoleAndAHeartbeat.com. He plans a significant rebranding of the 3-year-old straight amateur site, and will oversee its new creative direction.

Sinz bought out Scott La Rock, one of his two original co-founders. Remaining partner Gunner of GunnerWorld.com will retain his ownership stake and share management duties.

Sinz described Hole and a Heartbeat as “dedicated to straight tattooed men, hardcore music and all-around filth.” He said performers are “notorious for throwing some of the raunchiest events in the history of porn at strip clubs across America — and we have the footage to prove it.”

The site has archived enough material for roughly 20 DVDs; distribution details are still being formulated. Forthcoming changes include a clothing line and branded novelties.

“We plan to introduce the world to the hottest tattooed bad boys your moms warned you about,” he said.

Sinz initially parted ways with Hole and a Heartbeat because he did not want to be tied to one company at the start of his adult career.

“I wanted to pursue different options and explore the entire market as a whole and learn the business inside and out,” he told XBIZ.

He chose to partner with Gunner due to demands placed by his performance schedule. “We both run multiple sites and businesses, and with me being on tour two weeks out of every month, I needed a strong, experienced partner I could rely on who could dedicate as much heart into the project as I do.”

The purchase also was made with an eye to the future. “The reality is that I can’t perform in front of the camera forever,” he said. “But I can build an empire from behind the scenes and launch a lot of new models into infamy. It’s all about having fun and living a lifestyle we enjoy and sharing it with the world.”

Hole and a Heartbeat is a straight adult website with a twist. The content is “definitely male-focused and has been from the start. Our men are the stars. There isn’t a website out there like us. We use the wildest guys in the business who are heavily tattooed and hardcore. The site has always put the men above the women.”

Given the site’s male focus, as well as his star status as an award-winning gay adult performer, Sinz noted Hole and a Heartbeat has drawn its share of gay admirers. “We really haven’t marketed to anyone specifically since the site went live three years ago and just blew up and started capturing all kinds of audiences. A lot of them are members of the gay and bi community and we welcome each and every one of them.”

As reported by XBIZ, Sinz was recently named a Raging Stallion lifetime exclusive in a deal that encompasses “films, print media, and web markets, as well as the development of new projects aimed at the mainstream gay market,” the studio said.

However, the Hole and a Heartbeat purchase will not affect his contract with the studio. “My hardcore gay content is exclusively for Raging Stallion,” he said.

Sinz next toplines their forthcoming big-budget feature, “To the Last Man”.