Mobile Billing Company Signs On With

Slav Kandyba
LONDON — Mobile adult paysite has entered a non-exclusive deal with, which will supply text message and phone-based billing services.

The sites are accessible at, where customers can subscribe for a membership anonymously via SMS messaging. Both mobile-oriented sites went live this month, according to an XBIZ report earlier this month.

The move to sign on with AdultMobileSolutions comes during a flurry of activity for Kansas City-based BustBox, which in August signed on with payment company to offer a new suite of services to North American cellphone users.

The deal with BustBox has been three years in the making, and makes sense for both sides as the mobile frontier is being explored.

“It’s really exciting, it’s very different from the web,” Michael Whelan, president, told XBIZ.

“[BustBox} is learning mobile from me while I’m learning more about the adult web industry from it,” Whelan said. “A lot of these companies are mobilizing. We’re very mobile-specific billing. It’s anonymous with mobile payments, you can do subscription billing, there’s no need to fill out forms.

“The unique selling point is massive,” Whelan said. “We work with mobile companies across the world and that’s a growing space. Especially now that you’ve got the iPhone and Google’s G1, there’s a lot of quality handsets being made. It’s a very fast dynamic.”

With explosive sales growth of these devices, BustBox founder Harvey Kaplan has said that “if you give people instant high-speed Internet access on their phone you will find most of them doing the same thing that 80 percent of people did the first time they had Internet access at home: they surf for porn."