Adult Source Media to Release 1st Gay CGI Movie

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Adult Source Media is currently in production of the first gay CGI movie titled “Pirates Booty.”

According to Adult Source Media President Wendy Crawford, the movie, which is scheduled for an April release, will be entirely animated much like the studio’s other CGI titles “Pinks” (2007) and “Pleasure Island” (2008).

Sparta Video’s Holly Ruprecht said the movie is still in very early stages and does not have a set storyline nor have final decisions been made regarding talent involved in voice-overs.

“Making CGI is a long and arduous task,” Crawford said. “ It is very expensive. Finding not only a group of talented men and women to do adult CGI is hard enough, but finding the right team of men that understand the gay industry, what is hot and the direction we should go is another job altogether. It was very important to me that we understood what men really wanted to see.”

While on a business trip in Japan, Crawford was able to draw distinctions between Japanese adult and what audiences appreciate in the U.S.

“In Japan being gay is not an openly talked about subject,” Crawford said. “ The product they make is called Yaoi, but is directed towards the female audience. It was my feeling that we should talk to every one we knew and ask what they wanted to see. There is a passion in the gay industry about many subjects. We discussed the theme, condoms, circumcision, age of the characters and positions among other things.”

As the first CGI gay movie, Adult Source Media will be setting a standard.

“This is something that has never been attempted before and Adult Source Media is proud to bring the highest quality CGI title this industry has ever seen,” Crawford said.