Protecting Her Chastity

Pure Taboo
Protecting Her Chastity

Pure Taboo presents two short stories from directors Ricky Greenwood, Michael Vegas and Siouxsie Q. The first is a tale of debauchery between a stepfather and his stepdaughter, while the second is a story of unbridled exhibitionism between a father and the young woman babysitting his child.

Coco Lovelock, Derrick Pierce ("Protecting Her Chastity"):

Derrick Pierce is an overprotective (and let's be honest, kinda creepy) stepdad who is overly concerned about his stepdaughter's chastity. To make sure she doesn't get into any funny business, he gets her a chastity belt that he demands she wear at all times. Coco Lovelock trusts him and agrees to wear it, even admitting that it's not as uncomfortable as she thought it would be. Still, after days of obeying her stepdad, Coco is desperate to masturbate and asks if it would be OK for her to take the belt off. Derrick agrees, but only if he stays in the room while it's off to make sure no "funny business" goes on. Of course, the funny business turns out to be him plowing his stepdaughter on her bed. The entire basis of Pure Taboo is to create sexual fantasies that get audiences hot — but that they wouldn't want their neighbors to know about — and this scene certainly qualifies. Coco is dirty in bed and looks great getting humped by Derrick, but a stepdad putting a chastity belt on his stepdaughter is certainly something else! Derrick plays the role perfectly, mixing feigned concern with barely hidden lust, while Coco is believably naive and innocent. Derrick fucks her like an innocent slut too, bending her in half to unleash deep strokes on her before dropping his load all over her wanting mouth.

Adria Rae, Charles Dera ("Active Listening"):

Adria Rae is babysitting when a strange sound on the baby monitor catches her attention. It turns out to be the baby's father, who has hacked the monitor and is talking to her from elsewhere. He lets her know he's watching her, and reveals his dastardly plans. She's going to get herself off in accordance with his instructions; then, he's going to show up and fuck the hell out of her. Adria can't deny that the whole scenario is crazy, but neither can she deny that he's right: She is hot for him. This scene does a great job of building anticipation. The more raunchy Charles Dera demands Adria be, the hotter things get. But when he arrives home with his wife unexpectedly as Adria is fucking herself on the couch, the excitement factor goes up by ten. And the fact that he sends his wife to bed so that he can fuck Adria right on the couch? Holy smokes! He pounds her pussy hard, all the while staring at her with an intense glare that burns right through her. Adria looks back at him with a combination of awe and fear, and she can barely stay quiet as he pumps her cunt. When he slides his dick into her ass, Adria abandons all restraint, gleefully moaning and spurring him on.

Ricky is one of the best directors in porn right now, and Siouxsie works extremely well with Vegas. Together, the three directors present some sexy stories that fall right in line with Pure Taboo's purpose. No doubt, these two stories will appeal to the Pure Taboo demographic. Coco is tailor-made for roles like this, and Adria is just stunning.


Edward (Derrick Pierce) is worried about protecting his teen stepdaughter Rosie (Coco Lovelock)'s innocence while she's dating. One day he brings her a gift: a chastity belt. Although Rosie is surprised, she doesn't want to disappoint her stepfather, so she agrees to put on the belt. But as Edward helps her put the chastity belt on, he has impure thoughts about her that soon leads to an obsession... Misty (Adria Rae), a babysitter, is tidying up when she's startled by a grown man's lewd voice coming through a monitor receiver. She doesn't initially recognize the voice and panics, thinking someone's in the house. The voice then taunts her and says he's not at the house... yet. Misty realizes that the voice belongs to Tyson Green (Charles Dera), who is her married client! He's away on a date right now but is shamefully toying with Misty at the same time while he has the unique opportunity to. Misty, feeling a rush from his words, obeys...

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