Pure Taboo

In these two torrid tales from Pure Taboo, attractive young, straight women are slyly drawn into the lair of lesbianism by slightly older vixens — with our newbies to muff-munching loving the end results, indeed!

The title story, "Creep," involves a self-admitted straight babe: ever-tantalizing spinner Alexis Tae, who, by chance, meets a self-admitted lesbian — the underrated cougar Olive Glass, with the latter slowly, gradually, successfully convincing Tae about the joys of diving deep into twat. Tae confides in her newfound friend Glass about the many travails she has with guys, leading Glass to make her moves on tasty Tae (on a sofa, at Glass' house). Glass convinces Tae to take a walk on the wild side, with some nuclear results. Olive starts by sucking Tae's rock-hard tits before licking her pussy missionary style. Then, Tae sucks Olive's large, all-natural boobies. And watch how well Tae chows down on Olive's snatch; watch how wet she gets it. They do 69, with Olive on top, both ladies really going to town on the other's undoubtedly sumptuous slit. Tae bends over eventually, with Olive eating Tae's twat, deeply. The lusty ladies hornily rub their pussies together, after which we have more missionary pussy gobbling, ending with Tae making, unknowingly, a rather hurtful comment to Glass, who's visibly confused, in the story's rather odd ending.

And in the relatively longer story, "Textbook Narcissism," scrumptious, fresh Scarlett Mae winds up getting down and dirty with her cagey therapist, played by steamy MILF Marie McCray. Showing up at McCray's lavish home/work spot, Mae tells the therapist about her woes in alienating people and burning bridges left and right because of her selfish, narcissistic attitude. McCray tells Scarlett that she, McCray, is herself a narcissist, but a successful one who has people seeking her out. In turn, McCray wants to transform her patient into the same winning type of person as herself. Not only does McCray dress Mae just like her, but she also suggests that the two of them become close friends, so as to make the other feel less lonely, with a good mutual pussy munching being the ticket to such tight companionship.

It's a very tasteful setting, by the way, with flames roaring in the nearby fireplace, as Scarlett and McCray totally get into each other. One of the highlights is when Scarlett bends over upon a chair and Marie totally worships her holes. Watch the maniacal way in which Marie eats Scarlett's pussy and asshole. She does the same thing when Scarlett turns over for some missionary lapping from McCray. They rub pussies on a mini-sofa, before McCray sluttily sits upon Scarlett's face, deeply rubbing her surely dripping vagina in Scarlett's compliant mouth. Additionally, we get not one but two scalding sessions of 69, with each lady getting a chance to take the top position. Ultimately, they sit on separate chairs and masturbate in front of the other. And, yes, we get another strange, somewhat unsettling ending.

Aside from all four extremely attractive women, what I like most about this pornmanteau is that the ladies don't cheat by using vibrators and dildos but instead, simply use their fingers, pussies, and mouths to get each other off. And the vagina-eating is absolutely passionate and sincere. "Creep" is definitely a title that lovers of girl-girl movies will not wish to pass up!


Heather (Olive Glass) is minding her own business in a cafe when she spots a stranger, Dawn (Alexis Tae), getting unwanted attention from a male patron (Mo Reese). Dawn tries to get the patron to go away but isn't confident enough, so Heather steps in and pretends to be Dawn's girlfriend. Dawn quickly plays along and the male patron backs off. Dawn is thankful for Heather's help and they have a friendly bonding moment. There's a spark of attraction from Heather, as Dawn treats her to a coffee (and much more!) for helping her. A young woman, Jessica (Scarlett Mae), enters Dr. Crawford (Marie McCray)'s office. They have a therapy session, with Jessica revealing that she's there to get help for her alleged superiority complex. She's not ashamed of who she is but she IS starting to accidentally burn bridges. Dr. Crawford admits that SHE has a superiority complex, too, but that she embraces it. They continue to bond as the session continues and becomes something else entirely.

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Gerald Bostock