Remember all those sexual thrillers from the ‘90s? Michael Douglas having sex with some hot-yet-unhinged woman who becomes obsessed and tries to ruin his life makes you wish there was a version of “Basic Instinct” or “Fatal Attraction” with hot muscular studs, if only for queer visibility, right? 

Raging Stallion Studios and Falcon/NakedSword have answered your prayers with a porn suspense thriller boasting a hefty budget and some epic sex scenes. With sex scenes that don’t skimp on the passion and clocking in at three hours, you get what you pay for.  

Derek Kage plays an obsessed rideshare driver who becomes a full-blown maniac stalker after he doesn’t get a text back from his passenger (Paul Wagner) following their epic flip-fuck. We’ve all been there, right, someone being a total dick when you know exactly where they live?

Kage is great at playing intense and finds a way to be both creepy, yet completely fuckable. He shows he’s not just a true power vers but a star as he takes to both roles that make this film not just hot for porn, but entertaining. 

That filp-fuck opener involves the two studs bee lining it to a secluded garage where he aggressively rims Wagner, only for Wagner to turn the tables and fuck him in the trunk. The two have an amazing time fucking each other, which really sets the stage for the vibe of this film. Intense sex, lots of flip-fucking and Kage finding a way to make being a serial murderer sexy.  

A hallmark of this movie is everyone gets rimmed! Each sex scene starts with a little hole worship which adds an interesting departure from what can feel like a scripted formula in mainstream porn. Over the course of the flick Kage shows he has no chill. He racks up a body count of victims all while taking time for a little sex. Luckily, this film manages to avoid any overt violence that could kill the vibe while exploring some of the psychological suspense that made those classic thriller movies of yesteryear so fun. 

Falcon/NakedSword exclusive Beau Butler plays the owner of the rideshare company and he and Brogan have their own flip-fuck session. Lawson James holds it down for Daddy Bottoms in his scene with Timothy Chance, while Danny Starr with his tattoos and bod stars in a pretty scorching scene with Kage. Sean Xavier also shines in his own scene with Wagner and plays a part in the final “cum de grace” of the film. 

Overall, this is a fun genre moment for studio porn which offers the razzle dazzle not quite available in indie content. It has long sex scenes and an entertaining plot and you’ll want to watch it all the way through just to see what happens. Kage really shines with acting that doesn’t just drive the plot but he really works as the face of this new release.


Derek Kage just finished delivering a creamy facial to his latest passenger, and now he's heading straight to a nearby bathhouse to watch other men get off. Immediately, he sees bearded doorman Lawson James going at it with muscle daddy Timothy Chance. Alone in a dark corner of the venue, Lawson gets a mouthful of Timothy's big dick and Timothy gets to worship Lawson's hairy bubble butt and pits. Timothy further services Lawson's ass as he barebacks the daddy's cock-hungry hole across the vacant room, slamming his sweaty rod into Lawson's furry cheeks. With Derek lurking in the shadows, the two unload their balls before Timothy heads off to the restroom to clean up -- but instead comes face-to-face with a potentially fatal threat.

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Ness Miller