Take Off

Veteran director Tony DiMarco delivers with his trademark raunch, as Take Off hits the skies with a sloppy gloppy trajectory.

We begin with airplane pilots Sean Xavier and Alpha Wolfe rooming to-gay-ther in a hotel during a layover. They don’t waste much time on conversation as Alpha gets right down to business sucking Sean’s dick. Sean, for his part, sucks on Alpha’s sock. That’s not a typo: Alpha’s sock, not his cock. Sean tops first, then they flip several times. Sean nuts in Alpha’s butt, then slurps out the Santorum. Sean must have shot waaaaay up in there, because it takes Alpha quite a few squeezes to return to sender.

My stomach was in knots as they cut to Morgxn Thicke and Drew Valentino working in the airport’s baggage handling system, when out of nowhere Drew grabs Morgxn’s pxnis. At first, Morgxn is shocked and appears ready to unleash anger; but just when we expect him to get triggered, he goes along with it. Drew has a ball sucking on Morgxn’s balls and sniffing those pits. And Morgxn is a total top here as Drew triumphantly blows his load while a nearby jet engine roars — nice touch, Tony! — and Morgxn squirts out all he’s got.

Continuing on the theme of naughty employees, customs agent Andre Donovan pulls aside passenger Luca Del Rey for a cavity search after an X-ray machine reveals a “foreign object,” i.e. a butt plug, stuck up Luca’s rear. The suspicious scan prompts Andre to check Luca’s bags, which are filled with dildos. Andre goes in for a closer inspection of Luca’s bussy, and I just about fell out of the damn chair laughing as the plug is flashing disco colors! Andre pulls the fabulous plug out of Luca and licks it fully. Andre then rummages around Luca’s bag and plays with some toys until getting back to the basics of sucking and fucking. Luca’s dick stays hard throughout getting plowed, until Andre shoots his load and re-inserts Luca’s sparkling pristine butt plug.

Meanwhile, Bruce Jones and Beau Butler are stranded passengers at a terminal gate where, to alleviate the boredom, Bruce starts playing with himself. This indecency catches the attention of Beau, who sneaks over to Bruce and starts sucking him without saying a word. They both keep furtively looking over their shoulders because, you know, they’re having full-blown sex in a public section of the airport. We were impressed at all the flip-flopping positions they were able to pull off on those awful seats! Beau splooges first while getting fucked missionary, then Bruce hops on Beau’s cock and finishes himself off in cowboy position.

Finally, Drew Valentino is back for more, the dirty slut, this time with Brogan. The pair anonymously hook up on Grindr and head to the mens room, locking the door behind them (which I can’t decide if it’s polite or rude). In a switch, Drew is the top this time and Brogan holds onto a urinal for dear life as he gets dicked down. They move over to the toilet, where Brogan bounces on Drew’s dick to orgasm. Drew busts on Brogan’s face, leaving gobs of man paste trapped in the latter’s beard. Drew hears an announcement over the PA and ditches Brogan to return to work. Gotta earn that money!


Air travel can be stressful these days. Just ask pilots Sean Xavier and Alpha Wolfe; they've spent hours crammed in a cockpit, waiting for clearance to Take Off. Director Tony Dimarco and screenwriter Ben Rush invite you to put your seatbacks in a horizontal position, turn on your devices and unfasten your seatbelts in preparation for Take Off. When it's eventually determined that an airline computer malfunction is set to delay more than 150 flights, Sean and Alpha decide to book one of the few hotel rooms still available in the area. There, the two hairy studs are finally able to act on their years-long attraction, flip-fucking bareback for hours. Meanwhile, there's baggage handler Morgxn Thicke, who is enjoying some attention from randy flight attendant Drew Valentino. In a warehouse full of luggage, the two ripped men take a lengthy break to work off their frustrations with the day's unexpectedly chaotic turn. Over in the security area, TSA agent Andre Donovan notices a suspicious object on Luca del Rey's x-ray body scan, prompting a very thorough cavity search. Then there are US serviceman Beau Butler and horny traveler Bruce Jones who aren't lucky enough to find accommodations and must find a way to pass the time. The two naughty passengers come together for a hot and sweaty throw-down in a secluded area of the airport. Grounded flight attendant Drew then finds the hot-as-fuck Brogan - who's coincidentally only 10 feet away - on a hook-up app. The stranded flyer may have missed his connection but is about to make another in the nearest public restroom.

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