Sweat, Fuck, Repeat

Raging Stallion Studios
Sweat, Fuck, Repeat

Five terrific vignettes set around tailgating and locker room sexcapades. Director Tony Dimarco shoots the action with dark, moody lighting, which lends a stylish appeal and sets it apart from the usual bright gym lighting. The hunks are particularly well-matched for chemistry; Sean Xavier earns MVP honors in two wanton matchups.

Handsome, furry and broad-shouldered jock Caden (of Sean Cody fame) is working up a sweat with his trainer, lean and fit and big-dicked Andre Donovan. The athlete quickly gets over his bemused puzzlement from the erotic attention and submits to a vigorous fuck session; Donovan really pounds Caden’s hairy, jock strap-clad ass, and the latter rides Donovan’s boner with a pleasurable hunger, working up a splattery cumshot.

Both Lawson James and Jarrod James (no relation) are similarly beefy and furry; the former is a bit older and more muscular, with a handsome salt-and-pepper beard, while the latter has curls and more body ink. They’re tailgating alone together and listening to the game in Lawson’s pickup truck with an empty parking lot behind them. They flirt and the chemistry between them is apparent; they quickly jump into a vigorous fuck where Lawson is seriously intense and all business. He takes control, grumbling with pleasure as they hump, the whole truck squeaking with their thrusts. Jarrod is a smiling, affable bottom and they slurp each other’s seed.

Dimarco’s cinematography and lighting in this scene are visually arresting; the nighttime parking lot behind the men, lit by street lamps, with traffic passing in the background, make for a striking backdrop.

Colby Melvin, clad in a jock strap, has his smooth, plush ass slapped by furry, inked hottie Drew Valentino, fresh from the showers. The former is fit and muscular with blue-grey eyes and closely cut salt-and-pepper hair and facial scruff. Their assplay and fingering and slurpy blowjobs nicely set the table for an intense bang on a workout bench; Melvin, especially, fucks himself with Valentino’s long boner as he works up an intense, gushing cumshot, his torso glistening with sweat.

Sean Xavier, naked except for a red jock strap, employs dreamboat Luca del Rey – strikingly pretty with shoulder-length locks and a goatee – for a massage that inevitably turns erotic. Their chemistry feels genuine. Del Rey is eagerly submissive and vocal as Xavier plunges his globes with a slow, sensual rhythm, building up a head of team; watch as del Rey’s stretched chute grips Xavier’s cock as he pulls in-and-out. A sweaty del Rey splatters himself with his own seed, while Xavier soon follows.

Xavier recurs alongside beefy Zod Blakk to lift weights; they’re so hot for each other that Blakk even feeds his cock to Xavier as the latter is still pumping iron. They fold themselves into knots to suck cock and then move into a wanton flip-fuck; while Blakk is a vocal, encouraging bottom, Xavier really lets loose as he fucks himself with Blakk’s boner as sheer pleasure lights up his face. It’s a fantastic, sweaty and chemistry-laden matchup.

Del Rey, Xavier and Blakk are displayed on the box cover art.


In this gym, there's only one mantra that these hot jocks live by - Sweat. Fuck. Repeat. From award-winning director Tony Dimarco, this muscled-up film follows the nation's horniest athletes and football fans as they work out, tailgate, and worship each other's ripped bodies. When it comes to bulking up and unloading in this gym, you just always have to remember the motto - Sweat. Fuck. Repeat. Up first, MVP Caden Jackson is getting in some time with personal trainer Andre Donovan when he suddenly feels the trainer's tongue rimming his jockstrap-covered ass. Over at the team's favorite spa, masseur Luca del Rey knows just what to do to help football fucker Sean Xavier loosen up after practice. The locker room always sees the most action though and the second a towel-clad Drew Valentino steps out of the showers, he goes to slap and tap the beefy ass of Colby Melvin. Even the number one fans of these all-star athletes like Lawson James and Jarrod James get in on the action when they're tailgating and barebacking in the middle of a parking lot. After the big game, Sean and Zod Blakk are heading back to the gym to pump some iron and pump some dick into each other's holes.

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