A Time For Experimenting

Pure Taboo
A Time For Experimenting

James Avalon helms two scandalous tales of deceitful debauchery and heinous manipulation from the minds of veteran writers Penicio Del Toro and Midnight.

The folks at Pure Taboo present a pair of scenes based on the fantasy of women having sex with other women for the first time. The fantasy of taking the straight girl and making her gaga for gay sex is very popular, and this release feeds that fantasy to full. Spencer Bradley and Gizelle Blanco take on that fantasy in their respective scenes, and both pull it off admirably. Each scene also features a manipulative boss lesbian who controls all the action; Mona Azar and Jennifer White fit that role perfectly.

Mona Azar, Gizelle Blanco, Nathan Bronson ("A Time For Experimenting"):

The first tale (written by Del Torro and directed by James Avalon) centers around Trevor (Nathan Bronson), who is recently college-bound and traveling across the country to his new school with his stepmother (Azar). When they arrive at the Air BnB, they're surprised to find an incredibly cute and naive Gizelle as the host. Gizelle's innocence and ample curves are exactly the naughty family's speed, and they immediately hatch a plan to seduce her. Before long, Gizelle finds herself in over her head and mouth-deep in cock, ass and pussy. Both Mona and Gizelle take some serious throat pounding from Nathan's stiff rod before letting him take turns pumping their pussies. There's a pretty nice sequence where Nathan is humping Mona while Gizelle rides her face, and they pull the position off again later when Bronson is on the bottom. Very sexy stuff! Gizelle plays the innocent role quite well, while Mona and Nathan are very believable as the conniving "couple."

Jennifer White, Spencer Bradley, Lucas Frost ("Too Close For Comfort"):

Lucas Frost and Spencer have a good relationship, but there's a stepmother-sized crack in the foundation of their union named Maryland (Jennifer White). With Maryland scheduled to visit Spencer and Lucas over the weekend, Spencer is feeling quite insecure due to Maryland's abrasiveness towards her. As the weekend progresses, Spencer's fears are realized when she watches her boyfriend and his stepmom get way too cheeky with one another. Finally unable to stand it any longer, Spencer decides to join them in their pervertedness just to ensure she doesn’t end up losing her love to his lust. Spencer is very pretty, she fucks like a cute slut, and it's a joy watching her get railed by Frost. That said, holy shit, Jennifer White has still got it after all these years! The way she moves her ass, the way she curves her hips in response to the pleasure coursing through her body, the way she coaxes Spencer along on their tawdry tryst — Jennifer is a sexual clinic.

"A Time For Experimenting" is exactly the kind of offering one would expect from Pure Taboo. Gizelle and Spencer both play women who get taken advantage of sexually, but their circumstances are strikingly different. It is impossible to resist the sexual magnetism onscreen, and both Mona and Jennifer scorch in this department. If edgy, story-driven sexual content is your forte, you will want to check this release out.


Nancy (Mona Azar) is helping her stepson, Trevor (Nathan Bronson), move into a house for college when they are cheerfully greeted by sweet Sophie (Gizelle Blanco), one of his new roommates. As the three of them chat and get to know each other, it's revealed that Sophie comes from a small town, is innocent. Her naivety is further revealed when she awkwardly reacts to Nancy being bisexual. It's time for this sheltered small-town college girl to expand her horizons. Casey (Spencer Bradley) and her husband, Shane (Lucas Frost), are waiting for Shane's stepmother, Marilyn (Jennifer White), to arrive. Shane's excited to see his stepmom, though Casey, on the other hand, is a little nervous about it. Whenever they're in the same room, it always seems like Marilyn is competing with Casey over Shane's attention. Marilyn arrives, and greets Shane with a kiss on the lips. Casey is taken aback by this but doesn't call them out on it. When she spots them caressing each other sensually on the couch, she can't hold her tongue any longer. "What the FUCK are you doing?" she demands. Shane pulls away from his stepmom. Marilyn, on the other hand, doesn't feel like she needs to hide anything, and proudly declares that she and Shane are sexually involved. Casey takes this all in and then realizes that no matter what she does, Shane will always crawl back to Marilyn. And if she can't compete with Marilyn, then maybe she can join her and Shane in their lovemaking.

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