Ignite Vol. 7

Ignite Vol. 7

The folks at Vixen's Blacked brand present four more fiery scenes in "Ignite 7."

Amber Moore and Richard Mann ("Eye to Eye"):

This Laurent Sky-directed scene is the epitome of the "daddy issues" fantasy. Amber Moore is off to college and hot-to-trot, and her parents are worried that their precious little girl is going to be defiled by some sex-crazed horndog. To get ahead of the situation, they send her to therapy with Dr. Mann (Richard Mann). And predictably, she gets ravaged like the willing slut they fear she is. Mann is well-endowed, and he buries his ample dick deep in Amber's aching pussy. The young vixen swallows him enthusiastically, showing offer her oral skills as well as her ability to get skewered balls deep. Amber's got a great ass (which Richard smacks to pink liberally as he pumps her), and the camera captures plenty of its voluptuous gyrations. The quivering, whimpering orgasm is easily the scene's best moment.

Jazmin Luv and Troy Francisco ("Loud"):

Jazmin Luv is about to start the next chapter in her life. High school is officially over, and college is right around the corner. What better way to say goodbye to her childhood and hello to her adulthood than manifesting a steamy sex story she can share with her friends? Jazmin decides to blast her music at 8 a.m., which predictably, brings her hot neighbor over in quite the huff. Jazmin gives him an avenue to vent his understandable frustration: her hungry body. This scene from Laurent captures multiple taboos. Obviously, the forbidden fruit fantasy is in play, with the fresh young girl finally being available. But there are others working overtime as well. Jazmin is an enthusiastic performer, and Troy Francisco is known for his aggressive fucking and impressive stamina. All those elements are on display here as Troy pounds Jazmin into orgasmic submission. The sweat glistening on both their bodies as they swirl about each other in lustful heat is damn sexy.

Mina Luxx and Anton Harden ("Streaming and Creaming"):

The gamer girl fantasy is in play in this scene, and Mina Luxx plays the role perfectly. Her boyfriend Anton Harden interrupts her gaming session wordlessly, tearing her clothes off instead and plunging his dick deep inside her wet pussy. Mina is incredibly cute, and watching her get throated, smacked, spanked and drilled is every gamer's fantasy. The missionary spoon is crazy-hot, as is the cowgirl. And that finish? Holy hell!

Honour May and Freddy Gong ("Compromising Positions"):

This Julia Grandi scene rounds out the action, and it features one of my favorite performers: Honour May. This scene is more traditional; there's a showcase portion, during which Honour shows off her body for the audience, followed by a story intro. Honour takes a much-needed vacation to get away from the relentless paparazzi, so she books an exotic Airbnb to get the privacy she needs. Unfortunately for her, Freddy Gong also has the place booked, and she finds herself stuck with him. But as the days pass, the sexual tension builds between them until, on Honour's last day, it explodes. This scene is all sex on deck from start to finish. Honour warms Freddy up with a quick blowjob, then mounts him for a raucous ride that gets her off almost as quickly. Then, Freddy takes control and absolutely wrecks her. At one point, he gets her face-down/ass-up and jackhammers her damn near through the bed. Somebody get a cool washcloth!

There is certainly a fair share of hot sex in this seventh volume of the series "Ignite." Julia and Laurent do a good job capturing the essence of hot sex, and the cast does a great job of delivering on a myriad of fantasies.


Ignite Vol. 7 brings you searing hot sex action. Featured cover girl, Amber Moore has daddy issues, and her parents have sent her to see a therapist before she moves away to a city teeming with older men. But her therapist is handsome, and Amber knows how to take advantage of the situation. Jazmin Luv, Mina Luxx, and Honour May are all inside, and they're not just hot, they're nuclear. Scorching stories, sizzling settings, and high-octane performances: BLACKED.com brings the fire with Ignite.

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