Ignite 9

Ignite 9

With "Ignite 9," the folks at Vixen's Blacked brand present scenes highlighting naughty sex with naughty women.

Numi Zarah, Anton Harden ("High Profile"):

Numi Zarah is a side-hustle masseuse who has always had a huge crush on Anton Harden, the biggest sports agent in the city. When she gets booked for a massage with him, Harden can't help but push the boundaries a teensy bit — and she ends up getting far more than she bargained for. Numi is super, super pretty, with amazing tits and the ability to suck the chrome off a car bumper. She goes to town on Anton's dick with her hungry mouth and fucks him with her glorious tits before letting him penetrate her deep. Anton really gives Numi the business when she mounts him in cowgirl, his balls smacking her deliciously round ass like a bolo whip before he drains them inside her pink pussy.

Laney Grey, Isiah Maxwell ("Happy Wife"):

Laney Grey's man likes to share, and if he's willing to share, she's willing to pull out all the stops for another man. I love Laney. She has one of those rare combinations of creamy skin and auburn hair that just works for me, and goddamn, the woman knows how to ride dick! Seriously, there's no way Isiah Maxwell should have survived Laney's ass bouncing on his dick like that, and she damn near demolished herself with her own moves, creaming all over Maxwell's dick like a melting ice cream cone.

April Olsen, Nathan Jay ("When Sparks Fly"):

What's the point of vacationing in an exotic location if you aren't going to get some good dick while you're there? At least, that's April’s logic. Her tepid vacation takes a turn for the best when she runs into Nathan Jay on the beach, and the young stud appears up for the challenge. Like Laney before her, April is incredible in cowgirl. And like Isiah before him, Nathan is lucky to survive. April's onslaught is absolutely amazing, her hips gyrating like gears in a well-oiled engine and her pussy swallowing Nathan's dick with ease. April sucks the cum out of Nathan's balls enthusiastically, nearly bringing him to his knees.

Britt Blair, Isiah Maxwell ("Consummate Professional"):

Bratty Britt Blair is as spoiled as they come. Cocky and cute, she's used to getting her way because daddy's wallet is so fat. But while getting her way all the time is nice, it's also boring. Britt needs some excitement in her life, and Isiah Maxwell, the man hired to serve her every need, is exactly the kind of excitement she's looking for. Britt's sleek body looks fabulous rocking under the impact of Isiah's thrusts, and she looks even better sliding her pussy up and down on his dick as he drenches her ass in oil.


BLACKED.com is bringing the burn with another smouldering installment of Ignite. This series introduces you to girls who can't help playing with fire. Featured cover girl Numi Zarah is so excited to meet her first celebrity client that she forgets the bottom half of her skirt. Numi is one masseuse that isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Laney Grey, April Olsen, and Britt Blair round out our lineup of ladies most men might find too hot to handle. Incendiary stories, sizzling settings, and flammable action: BLACKED.com should come with a warning label, take cover, because this collection is ready to Ignite.

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