Like What You See?

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Like What You See?

In this brace of torrid tales involving strange “family ties,” the title story is fairly light in terms of plot, while the second one, “Fond Memories” is relatively heavier. Yet the sucking/fucking in both episodes is equally intense.

Max has his college friend, played by Davon Drake, come join him at his parents’ house and sleep over, with Drake eventually partaking in a steamy threesome with Max’s kinky father and mother, played by Mike Mancini and the truly delicious Mona Wales. After a nice dinner made by Max’s mom, everyone goes to bed, until Davon is awakened by some distinct moaning coming from down the hallway in Max’s parents’ room. He gets up to investigate. When Davon very cautiously opens the bedroom door, he sees Mancini violently banging Wales doggie style on their bed. Max is embarrassed, about to retreat, when Mancini abruptly sees him and matter-of-factly asks, “Like what you see?” Davon is stunned. But Mancini persists, inviting Davon inside to literally share his wife with him. “I bet you’d love the both of us fucking you,” Mike tells Mona, “you dirty little slut.” He’s right. “I want to be filled up by the both of you so badly,” Wales filthily admits.

All of the positions with the fantastic-looking Wales are killer. She first gags on Davon’s big cock as he fucks her face, while Mancini continues to doggie slam Wales. The two guys soon switch places, then switch back again! Wales screams during reverse-cowgirl with Davon. Later, as Mancini is hammering her missionary, Mona has her head on the edge of the bed, upside-down, with Davon plunging his dick brutally down her gullet. She loudly chokes on it. Each guy eventually doggies her again, eventually spanking and jacking off upon her fine ass cheeks. Totally spent, Davon goes back to his room, while Wales contentedly settles into bed with Mancini, though she looks like she could go for several more rounds. A true slut!

In the slightly more involved “Fond Memories,” Lacy Lennon plays the girlfriend of a character named Ryan who wants her to meet his recently widowed father, played by Tommy Pistol, at the latter’s home, with Lennon and Pistol eventually getting it on big time. When Pistol first meets Lennon, he’s under the distinct impression that they’ve met before. She politely insists that he’s mistaken. Yet after Pistol sees Lacy wearing his wife’s bathrobe — which Ryan has her put on —he freaks out, realizing her incredible likeness to his wife. Ryan soon confesses that he started dating Lacy because she looked like a younger version of his mother. As a stylist, he even cut Lacy’s hair in the same fashion as his mother’s. Ryan figures that since Lacy recently lost her sister and is in mourning, and his father has lost his wife and is similarly grieving, the two can become companions. Lacy is totally pissed at Ryan for his deception, while Pistol is disappointed with his son. Yet the son was right: Pistol and Lennon do eventually hook up in a fairly organic manner in her bedroom.

The sex between Lennon and Pistol begins slow and steady, but when Lacy starts sucking Pistol’s prick, it gets nasty mighty fast. She gets tons of spit all over his cock, really devouring the thing, and afterwards animatedly rides him cowgirl, during which she grinds and grinds away. Horny missionary and spoon are followed by sweaty, loud reverse-cowgirl. Lacy eventually gags filthily on Pistol-prick during 69, making Pistol violently pop his nut. And is the ending just a bit unsettling? You be the judge.

In both stories dealing with family matter/splatters, Mona and Lacy equally shine. But I confess to liking Mona’s inter-lewd a bit more, seeing as how the nympho gets so totally lost in her gnarly threesome. “Like What You See?” is recommended for exploring couples and veteran viewers alike.


Timothy (Davon Drake) is a friend of the family's son, Max, and is staying over that night. Max's parents, Natasha (Mona Wales) and Cyrus (Mike Mancini), are happy to have Timothy over, always enjoying seeing Max's friends. But as the dinner continues, it seems Timothy is particularly drawn to Natasha... And is it his imagination or is Natasha being a bit flirty with him that night? It seems like everyone else is oblivious to it, so surely it has to be all in Timothy's head. Later that night, Timothy's unable to get any shut-eye. As he gets up he hears sounds coming from a nearby room. His curiosity gets the best of him as he creeps down the hallway and opens the door, peeking inside the room. To his surprise, he catches Natasha and Cyrus having sex! Timothy stares a moment too long and is caught by Cyrus. But instead of being mad, the adventurous couple invites Timothy to join them. Natasha just can't get enough cock, so Cyrus could use a bit of extra help... Ryan (Jay Romero) brings home his new girlfriend, Lydia (Lacy Lennon). She is excited to be seeing Ryan's home and looking forward to meeting his parents, Nate (Tommy Pistol). Ryan is looking forward to it, saying that he wants Lydia to feel like part of the family. But theres something he has planned for this night that he's not telling her...

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