Dream Girl

Pure Taboo
Dream Girl

Joanna Angel and Anatomik Media direct two fantastic tales about women taking advantage of men who are in over their heads.

Kenna James and Seth Gamble (“Dream Girl”):

Todd (Seth Gamble) is in his last year of law school and looking for that special someone he can connect with. Unfortunately, he can’t seem to find the time to fit dating into his busy schedule, so he turns to a professional matchmaker (Kenna James) to help him. What he doesn’t know is that Kelly has other plans for him. This is a dream pairing for me, as I love both Kenna and Seth quite a bit. Their chemistry is off the charts, and it shows in the setup for this scene as both play their roles to perfection. Todd is believable as the shy, uncomfortable guy, while Kelly is perfectly devious yet genuinely hopeful. The buildup to their sex is outstanding, and the ensuing sex is steamy and passionate. I love the way Seth buries his face in Kenna’s bosom early on, and the way she lets her head fall back in ecstasy. She swallows him with ease (holy anaconda, Batman!) leaning back and letting him plow the hell out of her on the table. There’s some light choking, an amazing cowgirl, and a naughty piledriver that just melts the screen. This might be one of Kenna’s best scenes ever honestly.

Vanna Bardot and Will Pounder (“Trust the Process”):

In the middle of her sister’s nasty sexual assault trial, Linda (Vanna Bardot) is frustrated with the jury’s long deliberation process. She believes her sister and the evidence, but she’s certain Juror 11 is holding up the guilty verdict because he believes in the old adage that “boys will be boys” and doesn’t think the scumbag who ruined her sister’s life deserves equal punishment. When her sister’s lawyer suggests that they trust the process, Linda refuses and decides to take matters into her own hands. The taboo nature of this scene is all about the idea of circumventing the legal process. That said, it does touch on some serious themes about women suffering abuse and their struggle to get people to believe them. It’s satisfying to see Vanna use a disgusting man’s entitlement against him, and the sex that occurs in the process is damn hot. The blowjob was nice and throaty, while the missionary was fantastic (especially the sequence where Vanna rubs her clit while Will Pounder pounds away). I also really liked the lighting in this scene, particularly the way it highlighted Vanna’s pale skin against her dark hair and nipples.

This is one of the best Pure Taboo compilations I’ve seen in a long time. Both these stories strike chords that feel relevant to the world around us, and the sex is scalding. Kenna and Vanna were perfect choices to bring these femme fatales to life, while Seth and Will are the perfect fodder for their schemes.


Kelly (Kenna James), a matchmaker, develops an instant attraction and obsession when she meets her newest client, Todd (Seth Gamble). Todd explains that he's come to her because he's tired of letting a computer algorithm dictate his matches, which never works out for him, and wants the matchmaking to be done by a human. Kelly is happy to help! Days later, Kelly proudly tells him that she indeed has found his dream girl, sharing some enticing details with him. He's impressed and interested, asking when he'll finally get to meet his match. Finally, Kelly admits that SHE's his match -- it's always been her. They get into a fierce argument with Todd accusing her of tricking him and Kelly insisting that SHE can be Todd's dream girl. All she needs is a chance to PROVE it. Todd is still angry, but finds himself increasingly tempted by a woman throwing herself at him. What has he gotten himself into?

Sacha, the plaintiff in a jury trial, meets with her lawyer, Bill, while accompanied by her sibling, Linda (Vanna Bardot). Both women are frustrated because the jury hasn't reached a verdict yet. Linda is confident that one particular juror, Juror 11, has been voting against the majority. Linda, refusing to let Sacha lose because of one juror's ignorance, resolves to take matters into her OWN hands... A day later, Linda spots Juror 11, Seth (Will Pounder) near the courthouse and pretends to bump into him. Linda then puts her plan into action, pretending to flirt and fawn over him, which causes Seth to take an interest in her. Linda manages to get Seth to invite her over to his house to talk more about the proceedings though it's clear from the way he checks her out that he wants to do more than talk. Shortly after, Seth brings Linda into his home and they start talking about his role in the trial. Seth admits he wishes the trial could end so that he could go back to his normal life, causing him to confirm to Linda that he is indeed the juror holding back the verdict. NOW it's time for Linda to do whatever it takes to sneakily convince Seth into changing his verdict...

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