What Have You Done With Her??

Pure Taboo
What Have You Done With Her??

In “What Have You Done With Her??” (yes, there are two questions marks in the title), we have a tense mystery which evolves into an even more tense suck-fuck session, featuring the voluptuous Siouxsie Q. But the second story, oddly titled “Grey Area,” is much more lighthearted and is highlighted by the incredibly cute, sweet and horny Dixie Lynn.

In the downbeat title story, Michael Vegas saves the life of Siouxsie Q, who is almost run over by a car. Siouxsie plays a nutcase named Sandy, who soon becomes obsessed with her “savior” and ultimately blackmails him into fucking her in his very own home. After Vegas’ wife Jenny, played by the beautiful Evelyn Claire (in a non-sex role), oddly disappears in their home, the story immediately reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Lady Vanishes” except that this mystery unfolds in a Valley home rather than upon a European train. We do, however, know that the culprit is Sandy, who has somehow strangely kidnapped Jenny. Her excuse? “You saved my life,” she freakily tells Vegas, “So now, my life belongs to you. So anything you want from me, you can have.” Vegas starts to believably cry. “I will do anything,” he pleads. “Please just tell me where to find (my wife).” But the angrier and more upset Vegas becomes, the more Siouxsie’s twisted, kinky character gets turned on. He soon bitterly throws her over a chair, lifts up her dress, and starts to eat her meaty pussy from behind. She has quite a pair of round butt cheeks, too! Afterwards, Vegas savagely face-fucks her. The whole scene is definitely a grudge-fuck, with Siouxsie at this point really hacking on his prick. “Tell me where she is,” he keeps asking her, eventually doggie banging Siouxsie against a wall, while yanking her hair and slapping her butt. The position morphs into standing spoon, with Vegas also choking the nutty broad.

Our crazed couple soon moves to the couch for some more heavy-duty fucking. Siouxsie immediately rides him cowgirl. “So deep,” she groans while squatting down upon his blood-engorged prick. He eventually flops Siouxsie onto her back and cock-plunges her mouth, before jamming his cock into her sopping twat missionary style while, again, choking her. After some sizzling spoon, doggie is repeated, with Sandy fingering her pussy from below. “I need your cum,” she soon pants. Vegas explodes semen all over her tongue, lips and cheeks. “Where’s my wife?” he still demands of Siouxsie’s mad character. Tune in to see how this engaging mystery is solved.

Next, in “Grey Matter,” Tyler Dixon is a musician playing guitar at a café, with one of the young, impressionable waitresses, played by Dixie Lynn, showing interest in his music — and cock! After Dixon invites her to his loft, Lynn innocently agrees. Consequently, when he finds out that Lynn’s character is still a virgin, Tyler promises to dedicate his next album to her if she lets him fuck her. We realize the guy’s a scumbag, but darling Dixie is in the dark, eventually succumbing to his wishes. She sucks his prick quite well for a “virgin, by the way, with lotsa saliva and nasty slurping sounds. “That is soooo fucking good,” Tyler says (at least 10 times, so you’ve been warned). And check out how he face-fucks the little fox. Dixie eventually sits upon his cock, with his prick sinking into her “virgin” pussy quite easily; her fine cheeks vibrate as she works his boner. There’s an abrupt cut to spoon, with Lynn repeatedly cooing, “Oh my gosh, yes!”

While “Grey Area” is a nice, upbeat change for the typically dark productions from Pure Taboo — Dixie is absolutely marvelous! — it’s the title story which you really wanna catch. Vegas impressively throws quite the violent suck/fuck into the amazingly submissive — and marvelously juicy! — Siouxsie. This title is absolutely worth checking out.


It's just another day for Leyton (Michael Vegas) as he walks home from a local grocery store. But when a stranger (Siouxsie Q) is distracted by her phone and walks into the busy street in front of him, Leyton jumps into action. He grabs the woman, pulling her back -- just in time to save her from getting run over. The woman is shocked and eternally grateful. Leyton gathers his shopping bags and continues on his way with Sandy's gaze lingering on him. Unfortunately for Leyton, his good deed is about to turn into a real nightmare... Scarlet (Dixie Lynn) is a barista in a cafe chatting with a coworker, Charlene, about how she's fascinated by a college guy named Gray (Tyler Nixon) who is currently performing at the cafe. Scarlet runs up to Gray gushing to him about his amazing performance that night. Gray likes what he sees. He asks when her shift is over, and invites her back to his loft, but she hesitates. Not wanting to lose this opportunity, Gray says that he'll even autograph an album for her! Scarlet agrees. Charlene simply smiles and waves to Scarlet, but that smile turns into a worried expression upon seeing Scarlet go out the door with Gray. Will Scarlet figure out what kind of a person Gray REALLY is?

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